Celtic Spiral Wedding Band 14K

  • $995.00

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Handmade in Ireland, this ring has the Celtic Spiral which is carved into the walls of Newgrange... a megalithic site in County Meath Ireland.  These spirals are said to represent our spirituality and signify a journey.  It is 5.9 mm wide.  The spirals go around the entire ring.  Hallmarked in Dublin Castle

Spirals have been found on every continent, usually depicting the Sun. The Celts arriving in Ireland would find Spirals at Newgrange, carved into stone by early Irish settlers around five thousand years ago, depicting the four journeys of the sun around the Earth. This Celtic spiral wedding ring features beautiful polished decoration on a matt background.

As they saw it, one stone having a Triskele of Spirals, thought to be a fertility symbol, or a symbol of rebirth as each journey of the Sun would take three month